How much sodium does Avec Tous Have?

We get this question a lot. Avec Tous Spice is extremely low on sodium, but not for the reason you may think. 
(Sodium per serving: Original: 110 mg and Spicy:105 mg)

The reason we get this question, has a lot to do with the misinformation that has been disseminated by the same system that sold us all on a low fat diet. Salt requirements do vary and salt sensitivity varies as well, but a "low sodium" diet is as silly as a "low fat" diet.

So, here's some info on that from dudes way smarter than me:

“For decades, doctors and mainstream medicine have recommended that you lower your salt intake, but in this well-researched and surprising book, Dr. DiNicolantonio explains why this seemingly well-informed advice is, in fact, wrong. The Salt Fix provides the advice and the program you need to add back the salt and in the process improve your health and your waistline.”

Robb Wolf, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat

or just check it out at your local library or on your kindle for free, if you want to give it a read. Also, if you want more info on this topic without reading:

Video featuring Dr. DiNolantonio discussing salt.

Now, with that out of the way, let's talk about why Avec Tous Spice is blended to be so low on salt when compared to some of the leading "Cajun" seasonings on the market.

(BTW, one of the reasons that a lot of the classic seasonings are so high in sodium, is because it is the cheapest ingredient, by putting more, they lower their cost)

Control and flexibility.

We want you, the cook, to be more in control of the salt content for flavor and preference and so that you are able to use Avec Tous in more applications.

Side note: We use Sea Salt in Avec Tous Spice, because it is less processed and far better tasting than table salt.

With the level of salt where it is, Avec Tous Spice can be used in applications that typically require more spice to be applied as well as regular seasoning applications:
- a grill rub for anything
- a seasoning for anything
- a blackening seasoning for anything
- a smoker rub for anything

Season anything anywhere.

Use a generous amount of Avec Tous Spice and the salt should be just right, giving you a lot of flavor without being salty. Use less Avec Tous Spice and have less sodium in the dish or add salt to taste if you like.

If you add salt to your recipes or like a finishing salt, we recommend Real Salt or Pink Himalayan salt (Costco has an amazing one for a good price) for flavor and healthy mineral content.

Because Avec Tous is so well rounded, you can also use Avec Tous as a base seasoning and add just one spice or a few spices to really show off its diversity and flexibility.

For example, add a little cumin for one of the best taco seasonings you've ever had. More of these fun additions tips coming soon. Don't forget The Spicy Blend if you like more heat.

- Lance

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