Pan Seared Ribeye with Pan Jus

Grassfed Ribeye with Lemon Thyme
Grassfed Butter & Avec Tous Spice Pan Jus.⠀

Cooked this up real quick for lunch for the boys. They love steak, especially local, Grassfed Ribeye. This was especially delicious, since they bought it at The Red Stick Farmer's Market with their own market money they've been saving up.

- Grassfed Ribeye (Gonsoulin Farms)
- Grassfed Butter (Feleciana's Best Creamery)⠀
- The Original Blend, Avec Tous Spice⠀
- Lemon Thyme from our backyard⠀
- Himalayan Pink Salt⠀
- Chicken Stock (homemade is best, but we use
   good organic store bought stock a lot)
- a good hot steel or cast iron pan

For this we are going to season the steaks with Pink Himalayan Salt only (good sea salt or Real Salt are great too). Herbs and Avec Tous will come later in the process. By leaving the Avec Tous or other rubs out in the beginning, we decrease the chance of burning the seasoning during the searing process.

Always season steak with more salt than you think you should. The difference in amazing, $100.00 steakhouse steak and just an average home cooked steak is that restaurant cooks aren't afraid of salt. Oh and high heat, which is why we are searing this beauty.

Now start with some olive oil (not extra virgin) or avocado oil in your pan over medium heat. Let your pan heat up till it almost looks too hot (the oil should rippling and almost smoking hot) and turn it down just a touch to the perfect steak searing temp.

Slide that steak in there. Gentle, don't splash that oil all over.

Add the butter (a healthy amount) after the steak has been in a few minutes.
We do this so that some of the cook time is accomplished before the butter is added, so we are less likely to over brown or burn the butter during the cooking process.

Let the steak cook on the first side while basting it with butter and oil deliciousness. Don't flip the steak until its nice and brown and yummy looking on the first side (yes you can lift it and peak). You want to cook the steak a little more than half way on the first side.

Now, flip it nice and gently and add a nice little bunch of Thyme or Lemon Thyme.

Baste again with the even more delicious Thyme infused brown butter goodness.

Let it cook until it just starts to firm up to the touch. Med-Rare, no more than Medium. More on steak temps in a later post.

Remove it and let it rest for almost as long as it took to cook. (5-10 mins)
The steaks will soften a little from their immediate post sear firmness. That's how you know its rested enough to be sliced.

Now, pour all that good herb infused butter all over those steaks while they rest, don't scrape the pan...

Now pour in a half inch of chicken stock and add a nice BIG pinch of Avec Tous Spice. (Original or Spicy)

Stir and scrape the bottom of the pan. Let the stock reduce by more than half, until it starts to thicken and tighten up. Now, take it off the heat and had some butter while you shake the pan and stir the butter into the stock until it looks like ridiculously good sauce. Don't stop stirring and moving that pan until all of the butter is incorporated. It should look almost like syrup.

Slice the steaks...

Plate it and drizzle it with the pan jus, and the herb infused brown butter we poured over the steaks while they were resting. 

Now eat!!! If its so good you make these faces, then you did it right!!

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